Overview of ODP Changes for 2015/2016

1) NMYSA will no longer be running training and Identification opportunities (TIO's). Instead we will run 1 tryout for interested players. There will still be several ways for a player to be identified for ODP and YOP outside of attending the tryout.

2) There will be no cost for players to participate in the ODP pool training sessions, these sessions will be invite only. There will still be a cost to participate in the YOP and PDP sessions.

3) Players can be added to the ODP pools at any time. An ODP head coach or the NMYSA Technical Director can add players to the pool.

4) Each player who accepts the ODP pool invitation will receive an ODP t-shirt, however only players who are selected to the ODP travel teams will be eligible to receive ODP training gear.

5) Each Pool will run training sessions in the Fall in addition to the December and January training weekends.

6) Head coaches can invite players to participate in an ODP training session through a provisional pool invitation. This allows Head coaches to use the training sessions as tryouts for individuals who they wish to evaluate.

7) Player pool and provisional invitations will be posted on the website.

8) The Young Olympians Program (YOP) will now span 3 age groups. The youngest ODP age group and the two years below that age group. 

9) Players in the 2003 age group will have the opportunity to be selected to the ODP pool (Fall training and competition) and the YOP Pool (Spring and Summer Training). Players not selected to the ODP pool may still be selected to the YOP pool.

10) Players who were selected to the previous years travel team will not be automatically invited to the ODP pool. Those players may receive pool invitations based on attendance at the Tryout or by being scouted by the age group Head or Assistant Coach.