ODP/YOP Pool Selections


2015 - 2016

Please follow the 3 step process below:

Step 1
- click on the link below to see the list of players who are invited to 2016 - 2017 ODP Training Pool or YOP Training Pool.
Players may be added to these lists at any time during the season, so please check back. 

Step 2 - If you see your name on the below list, please download and read the appropriate age-group invitation letter as it contains important information regarding pool training. 

Step 3
- Log into your eODP account to register and pay for ODP Pool Training.

** Only those who are registered outside of New Mexico will need to complete a Medical Release form and an Interstate Permission form.  Both need to be completed and mailed or emailed to our office prior to the first session.**

Birth years:

2000 - 2004 = ODP | 2004 - 2006 = YOP

 Step 1 - Check Lists Below for Player Name

ODP/YOP Pool Training Invites

Step 2 - If Player Name is on  List Above, Please Download Age-Group Letter

 2000 ODP Boys Letter   |   2000 ODP Girls Letter

2001 ODP Boys Letter   |   2001 ODP Girls Letter

2002 ODP Boys Letter   |   2002 ODP Girls Letter

2003 ODP Boys Letter   |   2003 ODP Girls Letter

2003 YOP Boys Letter   |   2003 YOP Girls Letter

2004 YOP Boys Letter   |   2004 YOP Girls Letter

2005 YOP Boys Letter   |   2005 YOP Girls Letter


Step 3 - Register for the ODP or YOP Pool Training via your eODP Account

Register graphic



*Please register for an eODP account to participate.

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