e-Travel / e-Guest Play

Welcome to NMYSA's e-Travel system!

New Mexico Youth Soccer Association's electronic travel system allows members to obtain instantly approved "Permission to Travel" and "Guest Player Permission" forms.  Coaches or team managers can obtain permission from their personal computer at any time of the day or night, seven days a week.  You must however obtain permission/provide notice prior to actually traveling.  Please click on the "NMYSA Travel Sanctioning Requirements" link below, read and print a copy of the requirements before traveling.  To obtain permission to travel, click on the "e-Travel" icon below.  To obtain permission to guest play, click on the "e-GuestPlay" icon below.

NMYSA Travel Sanctioning Requirements - Please read these instructions and PRINT A COPY to take with you to your event.  All items needed to travel are detailed in this document.

1_eTravel_Web_RGB-halfsize  Complete this electronic travel form and an instantly approved "Permission to Travel" form can be printed.  You will need to know details specific to your team in order to access the system. Please note, you do not need travel permission to participate in NMYSA sanctioned tournaments within the state of New Mexico.  Complete and print this form only if you are participating in a tournament outside of the state of New Mexico.

Complete this electronic Guest Player form and an instantly approved "Permission to Guest Play" form can be printed.  You will need to know details specific to your team in order to access the system, along with information from your guest player and guest player's team.

Read the complete NMYSA Travel & Tournament Manual
If you have any questions, please contact the state office at (505) 830-2245.

The LeagueOne/Active.com e-Travel system is designed to be used with Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 5 and higher).  Other browsers will not support full functionality.  Any pop-up blocker(s) must be configured to allow pop-ups from "leagueone.com".  When you close out of the e-Travel/e-GuestPlay applications, you will be returned to the NMYSA web site.