Risk Management / Disclosure

The New Mexico Youth Soccer Association fully subscribes to the US Youth Soccer KidSafe initiatives, and has established a statewide risk management program. As part of that program, all coaches and program administrators must submit to a sensitive criminal history background check.  For detailed information on the NMYSA Risk Management Program, you can view the NMYSA Risk Management Program in it's entirety.  To complete the electronic background check disclosure, please click the icon below.

                                                   NMYSA Risk Management Disclosure

  • After clicking the "Submit" button, we recommend you print the confirmation page that follows for your records.
  • Your personal disclosure information is only accessible by the NMYSA Risk Managers.
  • Once you complete the electronic disclosure and your league/club registrar assigns you to a team, a background check will be ordered.
  • If for any reason you are not willing or able to submit your data online through the LeagueOne secure server, you may print that page, fill in the data manually, and turn it in to the State Registrar for entry into the system.

Two useful Risk Managment forms:

  • Appendix 1 (form) - Standards of Ethical Conduct for Individuals Assigned Risk Management Responsibilities within NMYSA and its Affiliates
  • Appendix 4 (form) - Confirmation of Legally Sensitive Criminal History and Background Check    

For information on the US Youth Soccer "KidSafe" initiatives, please click here.  You may also contact the NMYSA State Office by phone at 505-830-2245 or the State Risk Manager, Rennae Ross.