NMYSA Annual General Meeting (AGM)
NMYSA Annual Planning Meeting (APM)

NMYSA usually hosts its Annual General Meeting (AGM) during the second weekend in June. The AGM is open to all NMYSA members. Each League has voting rights proportionate to their total number of registered players. An AGM has traditionally consisted of a Friday evening Executive Committee Meeting, all-day Saturday workshops (also including vendor booths, special guests, awards and recognition, and more), a Sunday state-wide business meeting, and a closing Executive Committee Meeting. Recently it has been condensed into a single day (usually a Saturday) for economy.

NMYSA has generally conducted its Annual Planning Meeting (APM) during the second weekend of August. Attendance at the APM is usually restricted to Executive Committee members, Board members, committee chairs, District Commissioners, NMYSA staff, and invited guests. At the APM, Saturday workshop(s) for the NMYSA leadership are usually conducted and the NMYSA strategic plan for the upcoming year is finalized. The agenda also usually includes an Executive Committee Meeting on Friday night and a Board of Directors Meeting on Sunday morning.  [Note:  APMs have been scaled back or canceled for several years as a cost-saving measure, most recently being combined with an expanded NMYSA Board of Directors meeting in November.]